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Matt RayDick FarrelJack WelchDon FinkleCoon Prairie RamblersLaura IngrahamRush LimbaughSean HannityAlan ColmesGeorge NooryDave RamseyCigar DaveJoe GallimoreKim KomandoTom SullivanSandra Timco
Matt Ray: America’s Morning News ~ 5-9am – Monday-Friday

Matt Ray starts your day with America’s Morning
News where you will hear what is going on in the world and what
has happened while you were asleep. Matt has newsmakers, politicians
and all the latest news and information for your wake up.

WFLN Voice Talent and Sales Dick Farrel

Dick has been on air for over twenty years
including WVIP/ Westchester County, New York, WJNO, WPBR and WSUV
Palm Beach, Florida.

Arcadia Morning with Jack Welch
Mon – Wed 8a-10a Thur and Fri 8a-9a
Program Director, Sales and On Air Personality
Jack Welch is a household name in Arcadia
having been on the radio in this area for many years. Jack interviews
locals including politicians and business owners around town.
Don Finkle hosts The Veteran’s Corner
Friday 9-10am
Sunday 9-10 am
Veteran Don Finkle hosts The Veterans Corner Fridays 9-10am. Don talks about
Veteran’s affairs and each week has interesting guests who have
served our nation proudly.
Coon Prairie Ramblers

Every week, in Arcadia, Florida, three characters known as the “Coon Prairie Ramblers” storm the local radio station armed with wavering bravado and endless malarkey to record enough stuff for an hour-long program, talking about any and all things that they hope many people can relate to. Among the topics discussed are old TV shows, knife games played as kids like “Chicken” and “Mumbletypeg,” dreams, pets, the circus, trains, superstitions, coffee, food, first car, first love, first traffic tickets, capers and of course, bacon. The trio are known by self-inflicting monikers as Kenneth Carlton (KC & The Moonshine Gang), Luke Wilson (The Rebel Without a Clue), and Mel Jackson (The Mel-Man). They figured they had the perfect faces for radio.

Laura Ingraham
10am – 12 noon Monday – Friday
After graduating from Dartmouth College, Laura worked as a speechwriter
in the final two years of the Reagan Administration at the White House,
the Department of Transportation and the Department of Education. She
went on to graduate from the University of Virginia School of Law. She
served as a law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Ralph
K. Winter on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Laura
launched “The Laura Ingraham Show” in 2001.
Rush Limbaugh
12 noon – 3pm Monday-Friday
Rush Limbaugh launched his phenomenally
successful radio broadcast into national syndication on August 1,
1988. Many years later, it is heard by approximately 20 million
people each week. He is known as the media pundit who reshaped the
political landscape with his entertaining and informative brand
of conservatism.
Sean Hannity
6 pm – 9 pm Monday-Friday
Sean Hannity, conservative television and radio personality
joined Fox News in 1996 co-hosting the wildly popular Hannity
and Colmes talk show. He then joined the ABC radio network
family with his highly rated, syndicated talk show, The Sean
Hannity Show. His passionate and sometimes controversial
political commentary has landed him interviews with major political
figures and respect and acclamation from his peers.
Alan Colmes
9pm – 12am Monday-Friday
In February 2003, Fox News created a new radio venue for Colmes.
Alan’s radio show became the lead offering of the new Fox News
Radio division. Once again, Colmes found himself breaking new
ground bringing the Fox brand name to radio and instantly
establishing himself as the reigning liberal in the medium.
Alan is thrilled that in April, 2005, his radio show launched.
George Noory
1am-5am Sunday-Saturday

Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

Each night on Coast to Coast AM, listeners are captivated with discussions on news and current events, conspiracy theories, UFOs, life after death, and all things curious and unexplained. The most-listened-to overnight talk radio program in North America, Coast to Coast AM is late-night talk radio with daytime ratings.
Dr. Joy Browne
3pm-6pm Monday-Friday

The Dave Ramsey Show is a three-hour radio program and podcast, hosted by Dave Ramsey, that airs Monday through Friday. As of 2008 it is one of the top ten most listened to radio shows.

Ramsey takes numerous live calls on the theme of finance, and occasionally money-related Christian philosophy as it pertains to tithing, etc. During the show, Ramsey discusses various life and money-related issues with callers.

With a simple, seven-stage “baby steps” formula, Ramsey urges listeners to avoid all debt except for certain types of home mortgages, and to invest conservatively.

One notable difference between his and other financial shows is that Ramsey attempts to go beyond mathematical mechanics and reach his callers on an emotional and spiritual level.

Cigar Dave
Joe Gallimore
Kim Komando
Tom Sullivan


Sandra Timco 8am-8:30am Sunday

My name is Sandra Jane Timco       I was born in 1954    so   you see I have had quite a journey with the Lord.   The candle was lite for Lumen Christi  in 1998    as the Host and Producer   it was a commission the Lord gave me to bring light to a darkened world.   I am a born again spirit filled laying on of hands speaking in tongues Catholic!!  That is not unusual,  there are millions of us, but since childhood I have always had an ecumenical spirit.   Therefore it only seemed appropriate to have guests that are not only Catholic but main line Protestant  denominations as well , on Lumen Christ  Our similarities in Christ Jesus are far greater than our differences.   This ministry has always been about uniting the Body of Christ.  Lumen Christi the tv ministry,  has aired in and around the country for 20 years. Check out the website: